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When it came to storage we wanted to bring everything with us. So thinking we will need everything I had to create a space for EVERYTHING! We began by laying everything out in the garage and taking the largest items first and measuring them. Based on height we set our shelving to the correct height to fit everything. The really big items needed to go on the roof or in the rear boxes. 

Having the rear boxes was a bonus and we stored items that we didn't use regularly or were chemical related that we didn't want the smell in the van.


Now it's time to load everything into the van. Where do you start? Well think of it as your home. Place items in locations based on your needs. Pots and pans, flatware, cups and bowls close to the sink and main cooking area. Clothes should be in one area but sometimes you need to spread out due to the fact you don't have enough space in one location. I cannot tell you what clothes you need to bring, it's personal and you will figure it out. Don't block your electronics in case you need to get access to your breaker box etc.

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