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This is probably the first time in your life that you will be stepping into a whole new world. You will be meeting strangers everyday that will help guide you to see some of the most amazing sights. 

To travel alone is always easy yet add an additional person to the mix makes things slightly more complicated. Everyday there will be a decision of where to go and what to do. Along with let's just stay put. Then there are the must do's like showering, laundry food shopping and water and fuel.

Now if your like us and decide to bring along your furry friends you need to add them into the equation. As far as routine dogs are great but, we as humans have to take into account things for the dogs like weather, too hot or cold. Environmental issues due to location like poisonous snakes or alligators. This might throw off your plan for the day/week or month.

Be flexible and try to go with the flow and understand that there is always tomorrow. Getting your way is not going to make for a very fun trip for anyone except you. Take on a role and stick with it like doing all the cooking or dishes or reaching out to your neighbors. Use your strengths to help in any way you can. 

Remember this is an adventure and there is no goal line waiting for you to complete something. Make everyday count even if it is a rest day.

I am learning a lot about my self and my partner as we travel

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