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  • Lisa Parsons

The Sedona Seduction

Updated: Apr 14, 2019

Panoramic View From the Trail

As we ride the narrow trail I'm reminded that I need to keep my eyes on the trail and not the incredible vistas all around me. So I decide to stop, so I don't crash. I look out at cathedrals of red rock framed in a desert blue sky with white clouds sailing across, like ships in a calm sea.

I caution David as he approaches a narrow ledge of sandstone that slopes toward a cliff. "Don't look left! Only look where you want to go!" Its hard not to look left at a drop of over twenty feet at the lip of the ledge but your bike tends to want to go where you are looking. I get back on my bike and peddle past prickly pear cactus, again I wouldn't want to veer to the left...


What can I say. The seduction of Sedona is that it is an incredibly beautiful place where you can ride edgy mt. bike trails, float over the valley in a hot air balloon, hike through towering canyons, seek the solitude on a mesa top, and enjoy food, art, and shopping in the downtown core.

Every time I come to Sedona I find another great trail area to ride. Last time we rode two major areas near Long Canyon and Cathedral Rock. Today we rode the trails right out of town from the Adobe Jack Trailhead. I picked these trails because we hadn't done them before. They wound through the red rock canyons above town where we had many different options and variations depending on what we found on our ride.

Break Time on the Slick Rock

Some of the Rock Trail Features

What we found was an amazing network of sustained technical trails that wound through pinyon forests on red dirt with technical rocky sections through washes and on steeper hills. Then we rode on red sandstone shelves along narrow ledges and through rideable rock gardens. In places red rocks from the natural surroundings are laid out in gentler drops on corners making them curve in the right direction around corners.

Incredible Views in Every Direction

1. Sinkhole

2 & 3. Blooming Hedgehog Cactus

4. Mesa Spires

David Enjoying the Sunshine From a View Rock

Beyond the amazing riding are the views. Every turn in the trail highlights another spire or mesa. Towering cliffs drop down to the trail edge. This time of year wildflowers dot the red dirt landscape in purples, reds, yellows, and whites. Looking down valley we saw houses perched on hillsides with amazing views. We were envious of their beautiful backdrops of red rock mesas.

We rode approximately fourteen and a half miles. We felt worked when we were done. It took longer getting out to Lower Chimney Rock but part of that was because we had to stop and enjoy the views and take photos.

Trail Logistics

  • Trailhead: Adobe Jack

  • Length: 14.7 miles long

  • Total Elevation via Trailforks

  • Ascent: 2326

  • Descent: 2326

  • Difficulty: Strenuous. Most of the route is black diamond. Lots of technical challenges to keep you interested. See Trailforks link for more info.

  • Link to Route on Trailforks

Where to go for an after ride feast

  • Dellepiane Burger Joint: Great Argentinian burgers plus loads of other options like empanadas, yucca fries. They also offer the non-meat Incredible burger and vegan options. We'd rate this place as a post ride 5 star!

Mountain Bike Shop

  • Over the Edge Sports: You can get your last minute trail gear, buy a paper map, rent bikes, hire a shuttle, and just connect with other mountain bikers.

Other Activities

Video of some of the trail features.

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