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  • Lisa Parsons

Slackers on Wire Mesa

View from the Wire Mesa trail

Wire Mesa Mountain Bike Loop

Trail: Wire Mesa

Mileage: 7 miles

Elevation Gain: 1,188

Elevation Loss: 1,188

Difficulty: Rated Blue. Rolling terrain, no sustained climbing

Local Advocacy Group: Dixie Mountain Bike Trails Association,

A new trail in the Hurricane area is Wire Mesa. Mesa is a seven-mile loop that goes out and around the mesa. The views of multi-colored cliffs of Zion, the surrounding forested mesas, and the farm valley below makes the trail more than just a ride.

Wire Mesa is a mix of smooth flowing singletrack and slickrock challenges

The singletrack is flowy with undulating ups and downs. All along the route are different views of side canyons and Zion. There is just enough slickrock and challenges to keep it interesting. There are even a couple of sections where the trail splits and you can take the “easy” route or the “harder route”. It is great in either direction. We rode it clockwise. From that direction the uphill is more gradual and with less technical features. Those come later on once you reach the tip of the mesa and start your return. Some of the technical features would be great ridden the other way too. The description in Trailforks says it can be ridden either direction.

Slacker Taz relaxing in the evening sun

Views along the trail

Back at the trailhead we parked our van in a wild camp just down from a couple of young men walking their slack line across the canyon. Just as the sun was starting to settle towards sunset the light caught one of the slackliners and the line with a backdrop of shadow and beyond that the beautiful view of Zion.

Local slackliners practicing their on a line between the mesas

The side canyon had a spring at start of the canyon. It flowed over a tier of rocks. We could hear the sound of running water as it flowed down from the cliff and down the canyon wash. I couldn’t have asked for a better view from our van.

Half arch at the head of the canyon with a spring at sunset

In the trail description it says that “If Guacamole and JEM had a trail baby, this is what it would look like”. It is a great combination of the two other trails.

Point on the mesa overlooking the valley on both sides

Additional Information

Where to eat and get morning coffee: River Rock Roasting Company and Cafe. Open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Where to rent bikes and get the local scoop on the trails: Over the Edge Sports - Hurricane The offer shuttles, guides, bike rental, trail maps, bikes, gear, parts. They also have showers and even coffee.

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