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  • Lisa Parsons

Below the Clouds, Cheaha Falls

Out of the mt. bike shoes and into the hiking boots!

Cheaha mountain is the highest point in Alabama with views of the surrounding countryside. How amazing, we thought. So we decided to camp at the campground at the top of the the clouds. Reminiscent of the Costa Rican cloud forests, we found ourselves cloaked in a thick mist that obscured the details of our our campground and the structures atop the mountain. Any chance of seeing the "surrounding countryside" were improbable. So we settled for the ghostly campsite and then traveled down the mountain, below the clouds, for a view of a different type.

What we wanted to see

What we saw

Cheaha Falls Out and Back

Start at the the Turnip Seed Parking Area. Hike down Chinnabee Silent Trail for 1 mile to the falls. If you want a longer hike you can do the entire Chinnabee Silent trail starting at Lake Chinnabee. For the shorter, more direct route to the falls start at the Turnip Seed Parking Area.

More Information

Cheaha Falls

Side Views of Cheaha Falls

1. Mica, something has made her very nervous.

2. David.

3. David and Taz.

4. Mica exploring the trail.

5 & 6. Cliffs surrounding the falls.

7. Cheaha Mountain is almost visible.

8. Characteristics of forest along trail.

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