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  • Lisa Parsons

A Ribbon of Dirt

Mountain biking is one of our favorite ways to get enjoy the outdoors and adventure into remote areas of our public lands. It is the on land equivalent of whitewater kayaking. The trail becomes the current and the terrain becomes the obstacles to navigate over and through. The bike, like a kayak, becomes an extension of your body. Subtle movements of legs, hips, arms direct the bike over and through terrain. It can be incredibly zen like at times. Your mind, body, and soul are part of the trail and the landscape you are traveling through. Add a couple of dogs and you become a wild pack running through the landscape. Powerful, raw, wild, and free from civilized restraints.

A Mt. Biker and His Dogs

We rode the Mobius Arch and the Sandy Trails in the Alabama Hills area. This was not the epic of all terrain but the views were amazing. The rock formations unique and broke up the landscape of the valley as the trail winded in between formations revealing washes, side valleys, caves, and small arches.

After our ride we had lunch from our van looking out towards the Sierras.

A great view after a great mt. bike ride

Onward to Joshua Tree...

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