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  • Lisa Parsons

Alabama Hills...No it is Not Where You Think it is?

Alabama Hills is a BLM recreation area located outside of Lone Pine California along the base of the Sierras near Mt. Whitney. This is where we camped for the night off of Movie Road near Mobius Arch Trailhead. Arriving at dark we had no idea what to expect. The next morning we awoke to the most beautiful view out our van window. Photos taken with the new Canon EOS R Mirrorless Full Frame Mirrorless Camera.

First Light Over the Sierras

As the sun rose the mountains peaked out orange and the morning light lit up the granite boulder outcrops. We couldn't have asked for a better view to wake up to.

I have to say that this made all the work of getting out the door the day before worth it. What an amazing way to start our adventure.

Next adventure. Morning Mountain Biking in the Alabama Hills. There is nothing like starting out a new adventure by going to a mt. bike ride with amazing views.

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