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Traveling with Adventure Dogs

The first and most important thing to consider when traveling (and living) in a van is make sure they are part of your van design.  Somehow we had all these great ideas and then on our first night in the van we realized thatwe didn't make room for the dogs.  Our dogs, an 80 pound white german sheperd and a 60 pound Belgian Malinois are not easy to navigate around in the close quarters of the van.  So, one is now sleeping on the bed with us because we didn't want to step over (or on) her in the middle of the night if we got up to go to the bathroom. The other is sleeping in between the front seats.  Neither are unhappy with the arrangement but we'd prefer not to have our dog in our bed. 

This is our trial run with the van and living in it so we have the luxury of going back to our base camp and redesigning the van to accommodate our two dogs.

Things to consider

Gear - Our dogs are adventure dogs and go everywhere with us so we have some great gear that are specifically for adventure dogs.

Dog backpacks—

Dog booties

Whitewater lifejackets

Food — You should have them on a brand of food that you can buy just about anywhere.  We have ours on the Kirkland Organic Dog food.  We don't always find the organic and have to settle for regular but we have had no problem finding Costcos in almost every major town.  If we know we won't be able to get the food we'll stock up with an extra bag.

Pet Tracking Devices

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