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My cabinets were custom built specifically for my needs. There are so many options of materials used just choose one that you know how to work with. The other option is to order cabinets specific to your needs. Or stock cabinets that you will need to design around.

My cabinets are a combination or Bamboo Plywood and 80/20 aluminum extrusion.We used Hardtech Cabinet Pulls.








This is one item that needs to be altered due to the off-road racking of the van. All panels are removable in case I need to get access to something like removal of a water tank.



Furniture was more difficult due to the fact that we are traveling with two large dogs. We wanted a couch that folded into a bed so we could look out and enjoy the outdoors while sitting indoors. Great idea and it works really well. Only problem is where do the dogs sleep? So make sure you think about some of the little details. 

This couch was our main sitting and work area. Our table was a swing out Lagun platform that I added a folding table onto. It gave us a work space for both of us side by side and when not in use folded up and swung out of the way. We could even use it as a standing work station since it also goes up and down.

The front seats swivel giving us additional seating in case we have guests or we just want to sit up front. The Lagun table also has a separate mount if we want to use it between the front seats.

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